5 Important Tips for Successful Admission Interviews

5 Important Tips for Successful Admission Interviews

  1. Arrive prepared –  Be on time for your interview and dress nicely.  A suit and tie is not necessary but iron your shirt, brush your hair, and definitely brush your teeth. 🙂  If your interviewer asked you to prepare any information for the interview beforehand, be sure to have it ready for them either typed or neatly handwritten.  Formulate thoughtful questions for the interviewer about their specific university, not questions that anyone can easily answer from looking at the university website.
  2. Speak eloquently about yourself – When an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself” do NOT respond with “What do you want to know?” or “I would love to attend your school.”  Have a summary of your application narrative ready to communicate in 5-10 minutes.  Highlight high school accomplishments but also give a background of who you are and what makes your unique.  At Savvy Prep we spend a significant amount of time working with you on perfecting your application narrative.
  3. Answer questions thoroughly–  Do not give one word answers.  Answer the interviewer’s questions completely but give them time to speak as well, and do NOT interrupt them while they are talking.  If an interviewer asks you to tell them about a role model you admire, tell them WHY you admire that person.  Give an example of a specific experience with that person and HOW it impacted you.  We will help you prepare for commonly asked interview questions such as these.
  4. Articulate your strengths – The interview is often the only face-to-face opportunity to meet with a university representative and it is crucial to make a lasting impression.  Communicate your strengths, your accomplishments, and articulate what distinguishes you from other applicants.  Do this by sharing stories that illustrate your leadership, maturity, intellectual curiosity, and motivation.
  5. Appear confident but not arrogant – The interviewer wants to have a discussion with a poised, engaging individual, not a simple question and answer session.  You are a rock star and you need to market yourself, but be cautious not to appear as a braggart or overly obnoxious.  Practice several mock interviews with your friends, your parents, or us here at Savvy Prep.  Your goal is to captivate the interviewer’s attention and always leave them wishing they had more time to talk with you.


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