Why choose Savvy Prep?

The college application process has become increasingly competitive in the last decade, primarily because there are more students applying for the same amount of spaces.  In many public high schools, the student-to-counselor ratio can exceed 500:1 and some private schools may not have the capacity to provide specialized guidance that certain students may need.  Having interviewed for the Harvard Schools Committee for the last seven years and written detailed reports on behalf of applicants, Shaloha has ample knowledge of the college admissions process. With Savvy Prep’s guidance, students present the best version of themselves and convey their full academic, intellectual, extra-curricular, personal, and professional potential.

Can I afford Savvy Prep?

Savvy Prep offers customized payment options depending on each student’s needs. We strive for every family to make the most out of the Savvy Prep experience and we are committed to finding a way to work with each student. Please contact us to find the best suited program for your family.

Does Savvy Prep guarantee that my child will be accepted to Harvard?

No. We assist students with compiling a solid school list that is consistent with their goals. Some students would like to attend a liberal arts school in the wilderness, some students would like a combined undergraduate/MD program while other students prefer a smaller school with professors teaching undergraduate seminars. Savvy Prep focuses on helping each student find a school that is most compatible with their objectives.Savvy Prep offers customized payment options depending on each student’s needs.

What services do you offer?

For those students looking for general direction on essay guidance, we offer hourly consultation. For those students looking for application strategy advising over a longer time period, we offer more comprehensive programs, beginning with an initial consultation either in the junior or senior year through submitting the application in the senior year. To learn more about our services, please click here.