The college application process can be daunting and complex. To ensure you a smooth admissions process we offer Essay Only Support, Extensive Application Support, and Extensive Application Support with Application Logistics Management. Please read below for more details and feel free to contact us with pricing inquiries.

Essay Only Support

Essay Only Support

For those students who seek guidance with writing compelling, polished essays, we offer hourly consultation. Essay Only support does not include support with other components of the application and is best suited for those students who plan to manage the application process themselves.

Extensive Application Support

Extensive Application Support

For those students looking for application strategy advising over a longer time period, we offer more comprehensive programs. Extensive Application Support begins with an initial consultation either in the junior or senior year and support continues through application submission in the senior year. This includes essay support plus the services listed below.

Extensive Application Support with Application Logistics Management

Extensive Application Support with Application Logistics Management

This option best suits those students and families who would like to solely focus on the application and allow the consultant to manage all application logistics.

Extensive Application Support

Extensive Application Support with Logistics

Essay Only Support:

Our students learn to write polished, compelling essays that illustrate their character and maturity.

School Selection:

We assist students with compiling a school list that is consistent with their goals.  Some students would like to attend a liberal arts school in the wilderness, others would like a combined undergraduate/MD program, while other students may prefer a smaller school where professors teach undergraduate seminars.  Savvy Prep guides students in selecting the school that is most compatible with their objectives.

Resume/Extracurricular List:

Building a solid resume/extracurricular list is crucial in the admissions process as it is a concise summary that outlines the student’s background and achievements.  We support students by helping them decide which activities to highlight, which to perhaps omit, and ultimately how to present themselves as an outstanding, qualified applicant.

Test Scores/Teacher Recommendations:

Together with our students we analyze which test scores to send to schools and perhaps which tests (if any) to re-take.  Additionally, we work with students to select teachers who will provide the strongest recommendations on their behalf.

High School Courses and Summer Programs:

For those students with whom we collaborate with from the beginning of their junior year, we will strategize on high school courses, AP options, and summer programs to consider that best demonstrate the applicant’s aspirations.

Interview Preparation:

It is vital to impress the one person who writes a report on the applicant’s behalf.  Savvy Prep teaches students how to nail their interview.  Students learn to confidently articulate their strengths, answer vague questions in a manner which highlights their achievements, and convey their personality and character through a mature presence that resonates with the interviewer.

Financial Aid Consultation:

For many students financial aid is one of the most important considerations when applying and ultimately selecting a school.  The FAFSA form can be complicated for some families.  At Savvy Prep we assist students with navigating this process and provide insight on financial aid package options.  Furthermore, we can suggest additional scholarships available at certain schools which may be an excellent fit for our students.

Applicant Narrative:

Packaging the applicant is what we do best.  We incorporate all of the components above along with the student’s family background to effectively tell the student’s story. Together with our applicants we work to portray their academic, extracurricular, intellectual, and professional potential as well as their personal character and values to share a memorable narrative with the admissions committee.

Logistics Management:

Savvy Prep manages all application logistics, allowing applicants to solely focus on their application.  We create a detailed spreadsheet and binder for each school to manage application timelines, essay drafts, teacher recommendation reminders, test score submission, financial aid forms, etc.