"Shaloha was a wonderful help while I was preparing my application to the University of Michigan. She was kind, supportive, and organized. She was especially helpful in the essay portion of the application, as she taught me how to portray myself as an individual and how to show the University my best and most unique qualities.  I highly recommend working with Shaloha - she is an academic angel!"

-Deeana Robin, University of Michigan alum, 2008

"Having been through the system herself, Shaloha enhanced my writing by offering insights and advice that were novel to me, as my parents did not go to college in America. Shaloha has a wonderful command over the English language, and with her help, I was able to get admitted to my dream school. I'm very grateful to Shaloha for her guidance, and I definitely recommend her to others who want to feel like they put their best foot forward in the highly competitive college application process."

-Ali Tradonsky, University of Pennsylvania alum, 2016